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Consultations & Special Services

Assistive Technology Consultation

Our Assistive Technology Specialist offers statewide assessments and consultations regarding the use of technology for students who are blind or have low vision. The assessments provide technology solutions to match a student’s needs as well as providing support for teachers and parents. The Assistive Technology (capital equipment) Loan Program is free.  For more information, visit the Assistive Technology Loans page.

School Age Consultation

The WCBVI offers consultations for students ages 6-21, as well as evaluation support for professionals. Please note, outreach team members must ensure that the LEA has obtained written parental consent prior to reviewing a student’s records. Outreach team members must have time to review a student’s records before providing assistance.

Orientation & Mobility (O&M) Consultation

Our Certified O&M Specialists from the WCBVI Outreach team may assist  TVIs and O&Ms through observing lessons, discussing disability related needs and goals, problem solving unique travel situations, sharing best practice and guidance related to Orientation & Mobility concepts, techniques, and tools. They are also available to talk with families.

Transition Consultation

Transition services are provided for students, their families and educators throughout the state. These include:

  • Career exploration
  • Preparing for postsecondary education
  • Employability
  • Independent living

Services may include collaboration with agencies such as the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, adult service agencies, and postsecondary institutions. Services, also, may involve review of records (including IEPs) with the goal of creating a successful transition into adult life.

Professional Development

Our Professional Development Specialist serves as a resource for those working with children who are blind or have low vision, including Teachers of the Visually Impaired, orientation and mobility specialists, classroom teachers, and others. The specialist provides information about the requirements for licensure, assists in the development of programs to train teachers, develops instruments to determine the needs of those in the field for additional training, coordinates classes and in-service opportunities to fill those needs.

Parent Liaison Services

Connecting families, caregivers, and educators statewide
The Parent Liaisons help build family, school and community partnerships to promote and enhance involvement in the education of students who are blind or have low vision. They provide the following:

  • Resources
  • Support
  • Mentoring
  • Workshops/training
  • Networking opportunities
  • Referrals

They assist with family and transition workshops, web-based resources, and other activities. The Parent Liaisons also collaborate with parent organizations, state, and national agencies and organizations to keep current with financial, educational, and medical resources.

Preschool Consultation

The WCBVI Outreach Preschool Consultant partners statewide with professionals and families as children with visual impairments transition into early childhood until the age of 6 years, including those with multiple impairments. The Preschool Vision Consultation services include partnering with a Teacher for the Visually Impaired on:

  • Functional Vision Assessments (FVE)
  • Pre-Braille and early Learning Media Assessments (LMA)
  • Active Learning
  • Behavior Concerns
  • Requested Resources
  • Annual Preschool Conference for families and professionals
  • Assistance and tips in teaching a preschool child with a visual impairment, including those with multiple impairments

The WCBVI Outreach Preschool Vision Consultant also partners with families and professionals in B-3 as a resource providing:

  • In-Service & Training for professionals and families on general tips and tools working or raising a child with a visual impairment
  • Consultations in developmental milestones for children having a visual impairment, including those with multiple impairments
  • Consultations in understanding and addressing the unique behaviors in a child with a visual impairment, including those with multiple impairments
  • In-Service for professionals and families on functional visual development
  • In-Service in early literacy and concept development for a child with a visual impairment, including those with multiple impairments
  • In-Service with Active Learning
  • Annual Preschool Conference for families and professionals
    Requested Resources

Virtual Event Support

The Wisconsin Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired (WCBVI) Outreach team members can lead, support, and participate in statewide events for students who are blind and visually impaired, families, and professionals through an Event Support Request. Requests are completed based upon availability of WCBVI Outreach staff.