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  • Clarifications on the use of the APH Federal Quota Fund
    As we are addressing the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) Federal Quota Program and onboarding our new AEM Data Specialist, we are also exploring many changes and needs that we want to forecast to you. We will also be planning to forecast to LEAs, TVIs, families and our community partners. There are major changes in the APH Federal Quota Program which we learned about in December of 2023. The previous… Read More »Clarifications on the use of the APH Federal Quota Fund
  • Links for recordings of Professional Mentor Webinars
    Three blind professionals were interviewed separately in our Professional Mentor Webinarseries. Links for these recordings, which are archived on our YouTube channel follow. Feel freeto share these. If you have questions, please contact Dave Ballmann Stay tuned as we are planning to continue with these interviews in fall. If you have suggestionsfor future interviews, please contact Dave Ballmann at Recording of Greg Stilson webinar, Head of Global Innovations with the… Read More »Links for recordings of Professional Mentor Webinars
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