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Teacher smiling and holding a cup of coffee in her right hand and the mentor binder in her left hand

The mentor’s role is to provide guidance, support and resources so that the protégé will be better prepared to meet the needs of students with visual impairments.

Who can be a mentor?

TVIs and O&M Specialists are qualified to be mentors in their field if they have the following:

  • Commitment to serve as a mentor for two years
  • Four years of experience as a TVI or O&M Specialist
  • Written administrative approval and support 

What are the benefits for mentors?

  • Opportunity to provide leadership for positive change and innovative practices to insure quality VI services
  • Increases behavioral, pedagogical and content knowledge through collaboration with WCBVI coordinators, other mentors, and proteges
  • Earn A.C.V.R.E.P points for recertification 

What are the time requirements for the mentor?

  • Attend a 1 ½ day mentor training during the summer prior to being assigned a protege, and annual refresher training

Minimum contact includes the following:

  • One introductory meeting at the beginning of the relationship
  • A minimum of one informal observation of the protégé teaching a lesson during the period of performance school year
  • One additional meeting (e.g., at a conference or workshop)
  • A minimum of two routine contacts per month (e.g., email, phone,  in person, virtual platform, etc.)

Mentor will receive monetary compensation for each protege they support

Apply to be a mentor:

Please submit the following 3 forms.