Welcome Administrators!

Photo of Tony Mayer, Director of Student Services in Hudson, steps into the batters’ box to raise diversity awareness within the community to support students with visual impairments.

Thank you for your interest in the Mentoring program!

You may have a protégé or mentor working in your district, CESA or company, or you may be interested in supporting a new teacher. We know that it is important to recruit and retain teachers in education and we are excited to be part of this effort to support teachers who serve students who are blind and visually impaired!

This is where WCBVI Outreach comes in!

In an effort to align the practices and supports that are required for new teachers in all districts, WCBVI is pleased to coordinate vision-specific instructional mentoring for our newly-licensed Teachers of the Visually Impaired and Orientation & Mobility Specialists!

One component of the Wisconsin Initial Educator Induction Guidelines is to provide a “Qualified and trained mentor for the new educator providing support on a variety of levels”(1-2 years recommended). District support to provide release time is a priority.

A mentor holds a license and PI 34.01 defines a mentor as someone who “is trained to provide support and assistance to initial educators. Mentors have input into the confidential formative assessment of the initial educator but may not participate as part of the formal employment evaluation process”.

Learn about the Wisconsin pathways licensure:

Wisconsin Induction Guidelines

Pathways to Licensure