Books and Reading

American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults

  • Provides books with both print and braille text
  • Provides books and periodicals electronically. Materials may be read in braille, audio, or print.


National Braille Press

  • Books in braille, on C.D. and downloadable
  • Includes a childrens braille book club, technology related books, and braille for young children.

NFB Newsline

  • Local and national newspapers, magazines, TV listings, job information, and local announcements
  • Access over the telephone or through the internet for eligible users

Seedlings Braille Books

  • Books in braille, braille related jewelry, and puzzles.

Wisconsin Braille

  • Provides books in braille to schools, libraries, children and families free of charge.

Wisconsin Talking Book and Braille Library

  • Provides books and magazines in braille and recorded form free of charge
  • Collection includes large print, descriptive videos and other materials.

ABLE National Resource Center

The ABLE National Resource Center (ABLR NRC) is the leading, comprehensive source of objective, independent information about federal- and state-related ABLE programs and activities, including guidance on tax-advantaged ABLE savings accounts.