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2023 Pre-EmployAbility Weekend

The 2023 Pre-EmployAbility Weekend is designed for both students and staff who will be participating in the Summer 2023 EmployAbility Program. Participation in this weekend event is mandatory for all students who wish to attend the Summer 2023 EmployAbility Program. The dates for this program are Friday, March 31 through Saturday April 2.

The weekend will consist of activities for program staff to get to know the students’ abilities, strengths and areas of need as they relate to employment. Assessments will be given in the areas of employment, orientation and mobility, independent living, and assistive technology. Interest inventories will also be given to assist with job placements for the summer program.

Students will experience staying in the dorm where the five-week Summer EmployAbility Program will take place and get exposure to the WCBVI campus and the Janesville Transit System.

This program is for students ages 16-21 who are enrolled in school in Wisconsin and who are receiving services from a Teacher of the Visually Impaired. It is designed for students who plan to work in the community after completion of high school.

Dates for the Summer EmployAbility Program are June 19-30, 2023 for two weeks of on-campus classes and July 9-28, 2023 for three weeks of paid community employment at up to 20 hours per week.