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Assistive Technology

Technology is progressing at a rate never before seen in human history and at WSBVI we have some of the most up to date technology available to our students.  Technology opens up a whole new world of possibilities to students who are blind or visually impaired, making them more employable than ever before because the materials that are readily accessible to their sighted peers are just as easily accessed by individuals who are blind or visually impaired.  Below are only a few pieces of technology that our students have access to:

  • iPads and iPods with a variety of bluetooth braille displays so any electronic documents that sighted students can access can be just as quickly and easily accessed by students who read braille.
  • Optical Character Recognition software, which allows students who are blind access to hard copy print
  • CCTV units, both desktop and portable, to magnify text for our students with remaining vision
  • Portable book readers students may borrow so they may access their textbooks in audio format
  • Screen reading and magnification software, which allow students to access information on a computer quickly and effectively.
  • And many more up and coming devices!