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Glen Stacey Memorial Fund Application

The Glen Stacey Fund was formed in 1988 as part of a bequest from the estate of Glen Leroy Stacey’s oldest sister, Leone Kuhe, and her husband Emil Kuhe.  

Glen Leroy Stacey was born in November of 1922 in Rewey, Wisconsin into the family of Philo and Maud Stacey. The Stacey’s had 11 children – 6 sons and 5 daughters. 

At the age of 8, Glen was involved in an automobile accident that resulted in his loss of vision. In the fall of 1931 when he was 9 years old he was enrolled at the Wisconsin School for the Visually Handicapped. He was a student at the school until the age of 16. 

Glen was again involved in an automobile accident when he was 19 years old that resulted in his death. 

Their thoughtful gift has benefited many blind and visually impaired students in the state of Wisconsin since that time. Educators, families, and other stakeholders can apply for the Glen Stacey Memorial Fund. Proposals must be for equipment, programs, or projects that will directly benefit K-12 students who are blind and visually impaired. The Wisconsin Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired (WCBVI) is proud to assist in administering these beneficial funds. 

When can I submit a proposal for funding?

The application cycle for proposals will open in early March of each year and close at the end of April; the cycle will be open for six weeks. Notice of the application cycle is communicated in a variety of ways:

  • WCBVI Weekly Update
  • Division of Learning Support Newsletter
  • WCBVI website
  • WAER Digital Community
  • WCBVI Facebook page
  • Various consumer listservs
  • Applicants who have applied within the last three years
Who should fill out the Glen Stacey application?

The person requesting the funds.

Can parents of children who are blind and visually impaired submit a proposal?


My request involves out of state travel. Where can I find out of state travel information to ensure I am prepared, should my request be approved?

Please see the Out of State Travel page for more information. If you are not a state employee, please email and request a copy of this information be emailed to you.

Can Glen Stacey funds be used to fund programs for preschool aged or younger?

No. Glen Stacey Funds are to be used for students in grades K-12.

What can Glen Stacey Funds be used for?

When purchasing items with Glen Stacey funds for approved projects, grant recipients must follow exactly what was approved on their award letter. If there are any questions about purchases, contact the WCBVI Business Office.

What can Glen Stacey funds not be used for?
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Proposals cannot supplant State budget money and should not be used for items/services that the State of Wisconsin or individual school districts ordinarily would or should pay for as part of the student’s individualized education program (IEP).
  • Glen Stacey Funds may not be used to fund salaries or fringe benefits.
  • Gift cards
If my proposal is approved, when can I use the funds? What do I need to be reimbursed for the funds?

May 31 of the current year, through August 15 of the following year. For example, May 31, 2022-August 15, 2023. To be reimbursed when using the funds, you must have the following:

  • A current, accurate W-9 on file with the state of Wisconsin
  • Claim for reimbursement form
  • A zero dollar(paid) balance invoice(s)
  • Any paid, hard copy receipts
  • A copy of the award letter, 
  • A list of all participants, including a list of students (PII friendly and what school district they are from all papers must be submitted via mail.
Can I purchase anything, so long as it is within the approved funding amount?

No. Certain things like gift cards are not allowable; Please work with the Business Office prior to purchasing anything that is not a tangible item or specific activity approved in your award letter.

I was awarded money to purchase food or meals for participants. Are there limits as to what I can spend per person?

Yes. Please see the Pocket Travel Guide or the back of the Claim for Reimbursement form. If you are not a state employee, please email and request a copy of this guide be emailed to you.

When hosting an event, who may I provide food for? How many meals can I provide for each person?

Meals should only be for activity participants and the direct staff who are supporting the activity. The meals must be necessary and meet the appropriate time and length of activity eligibility requirements, as well as the cost, found in the Pocket Travel Guide.

I am using Glen Stacey funds for an out of state event. What paperwork do I need to complete to start the process?

Please contact Amanda Jordan at and copy Meghan Fredel at to start the Out of State travel process.