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WSBVI Family Spring 2021 Fourth Quarter Letter

Dear WSBVI Families:

Thank you for your continued support of your WSBVI student. This letter is to let you know we have made the decision to offer in-person instruction and services for our students who are local. The dorms will not be open for students for the remainder of this school year.

We want to let you know some of the things we looked at in making the decision not to open the dorms for fourth quarter:

  • A number of students cannot wear masks. Staff cannot maintain social distancing at all times from some students because they require close physical support to learn.
  • Because it is a statewide school, WSBVI must look at the state’s COVID numbers as a whole. Local/state health officials continue to be concerned about the risk for students and families when bringing students together from all over the state and placing them in close quarters, not just during the day but overnight as well.
  • If a student shows any signs of Covid-19, we will have to assume the student has Covid-19. It could take families four or more hours to pick the student up.
  • Extra-curricular and athletic events, social activities and clubs will not be offered.

Spring break is March 29-April 2; fourth quarter begins April 5. For the first two weeks after spring break, the school will follow expert guidance and the common period for quarantining after exposure. Instruction will continue to be virtual during this time.

The school will open for in-person instruction for all local students on April 19. The school will contact you if your child is a day student to discuss arrangements, answer any questions you may have and determine your intention to send your student for in-person instruction.

In-person instruction will be from Monday through Thursday. Fridays will be available for the provision of additional services and otherwise will remain virtual. Teachers will also use this time for planning and preparation. Because we recognize hybrid instruction is very difficult for staff and especially for students who require additional supports, administrative staff will consider how teachers and other staff will be assigned. We will continue to implement safety protocols and mitigation strategies.

Our plan at this time is to provide some summer programming. Our hope is to open for in-person instruction for all students in the fall.

We are so proud of what we have been able to accomplish so far this year. We believe we have offered quality instruction and effective supports for our students. We have a great school and we are very eager to be back together on campus. We look forward to welcoming our local students back to campus on April 19!

If you have questions or concerns, please contact:

Dan Wenzel, Director
Wisconsin Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired
1700 West State Street
Janesville, WI 53546
O: (608) 758-4925
C: (608) 751-2082
F: (608) 758-6161

WSBVI Family Spring 2021 Fourth Quarter Letter.pdf