WSBVI Remote Learning Family Letter

    March 27, 2020

    Dear WSBVI Families,

    We hope this letter finds your family healthy during this challenging time. We
    appreciate that most families took the time to answer our phone calls and
    complete informational surveys. This information will help us to better meet your
    child’s educational needs as we implement services while the Wisconsin School
    for the Blind and Visually Impaired (WSBVI) campus is closed. This letter will
    provide you with some information regarding remote learning activities for WSBVI

    Training and work assignments for staff are slated to begin the week of March 30.
    Students and their families should also expect an introductory contact from a
    WSBVI staff member in order to prepare for learning activities. WSBVI will fully
    implement weekly learning activities the week of April 6. In the interim we did
    recently mail some leisure reading books to WSBVI students, so encourage them
    to enjoy some reading to get back into an academic mode.

    Our Remote Learning Vision: Provide remote learning opportunities to maintain
    learning achievement and reduce regression while connecting learners to
    educational and community resources.

    In order to meet the objectives outlined in the vision statement we have
    established WSBVI Mentor Teams which include teachers, educational assistants
    and child care counselors. These teams will provide WSBVI students with weekly
    learning activities in core academic subject areas and expanded core curriculum
    subjects, offer support to the students as they complete the activities, engage the
    students in critical thinking exercises and discussions, and answer questions and
    ensure student comprehension as appropriate. The mentor team approach will
    enable the student to have regular communication with a staff member who they
    are familiar with while teachers develop educational activities with support from
    others on the team. This approach will not only provide students with key
    contacts who can answer their questions, but will also allow staff to proactively
    contact students so that they may optimize this remote learning opportunity.
    Additionally, our pupil services team, Mrs. Kimberlin and Mrs. Dallin, are taking an
    active role to ensure WSBVI students and their families are aware of available
    resources and have support during this challenging time. Please feel free to
    contact them at: 608-758-6163 if you have questions or need assistance. The
    Physical Education Teacher will develop exercises and activities designed to
    promote physical activity. Our therapists and speech pathologist will continue to
    consult with students who receive occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech
    and language services, etc. The staff will develop activities designed to enable
    students to maintain the progress they have made during the school year. They
    will also communicate directly with students and appropriate family members via
    phone calls and emails to check on progress and answer questions.

    We will work with families to ensure students have the equipment and materials
    necessary to actively participate in this remote learning experience. We realize
    not everyone uses the same technology, and people often have different
    communication preferences. We are committed to offering a number of ways for
    students and families to access information, contact staff and gather resources
    during this timeframe. These methods could include phone calls, video chats,
    emails, web-site links, hard copies of materials, etc. Please know that
    circumstances may require us to be flexible in the methods we use to carry out
    this remote learning opportunity. We will continue to make adjustments and
    improvements where necessary and to share information with families on a
    regular basis.

    In closing, the WCBVI Management Team wishes your family the best during this
    challenging time. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or
    require more information.


    Julie Piper, WSBVI Principal
    Email: Phone: 608.758.6120

    Andy Soto, WSBVI Dean of Students
    Email: Phone: 608.728.4119

    Dan Wenzel, WCBVI Director
    Email: Phone: 608.758.4925