Updating your Orbit Reader 20

    There have been some TVIs and students who have had some difficulty connecting Orbit Reader 20 units to devices via Bluetooth (i.e. the iPad or Mac).  It is very likely that an update of the unit will resolve this issue.  Following is some information on how to download and install the update for the Orbit Reader 20

    Firstly, before starting, you should make sure you have about 30-40 minutes set aside because it is best to be able to get all steps in the process completed in one session. 

    Also, before you begin, you’ll need a PC with Windows XP or later and the computer should have a USB port.  You should also have the connection cord that came with the Orbit Reader 20.

    Next Steps:

    1. This is the link to download the latest firmware.  Download and unzip the file. 
    2. A notepad file of exact directions are included in the zipped file folder in the link above.  It is called Orbit Reader 20 Upgrade Procedure v0.01.  Open that file and follow the instructions.
    3. You’ll need to run the Firmware Upgrade Utility (included in the download folder in the above link and referenced in the upgrade directions).
    4. Once you’ve updated to the latest firmware, follow the directions in the file on the Orbit Reader 20 to make sure the update was successful.

    Once you’ve completed the procedure above, you can download the Bootloader Upgrade Package using the link below.  This will enable you to put future updates on the SD card of the unit and update it without connecting it to a Windows PC.

    This is the link to download the Bootloader Package

    Regrettably, a Windows PC is needed to update the unit and as far as we know, it is not possible to update it on the Mac. 

    If you are in possession of Orbit Readers on loan from WCBVI, you may elect to ship the unit back and an update can be performed by our AT department.  If you are in possession of a discontinued unit, it is no longer supported by APH and we cannot accept returns.  If you are unsure which version of the unit you are using (current or discontinued), please contact Amy Snow.