Since the 1970’s, WSBVI has had a swim team to be proud of.  Many of the NCASB records are still held by Wisconsin swimmers 20 or more years after they were established.  Wisconsin held the NCASB championship 17 consecutive years ending in 1995.  We continue this fine tradition by having a team each year.  We pride ourselves on teaching our students each of the four legal swim strokes (Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, and Front Crawl) using hands-on techniques that focus on learning in a non-visual way.  The most commonly asked question by those with vision is “how do you make sure you do not hit the wall”?  We employ “tappers”, which are sticks or canes with tennis balls on the ends.  As the swimmer approaches the edge of the pool, he or she is tapped lightly to signal that they are approaching the side.

NCASB Swimming Rules