Recreational Activities

WSBVI also recognizes the need for students to be involved in school activities that are non-competitive and allow students to show their natural talents to peers and adults, thereby building confidence and self esteem.

4H Emblem

4H Club

WSBVI has a bi-monthly evening meeting of the 4-H group.  During these meetings, students do hands on projects relating to the group’s “4-Hs” (head, heart, hands, and health).  Volunteers come in and work with our students and staff on a variety of crafts and other projects.


Plays we have held in the past include “Miracle on 34th Street”, “A Christmas Carol”, and “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  All students are given the opportunity to try out for parts.  Parents are invited to view our program both live and via our website.  We also archive all of our past programs on our website so they can be viewed anytime.


Music is very important to many people and has proven to have many positive benefits on our lives ranging from reducing stress to boosting our immune systems.  WSBVI offers formal music classes, choir, private music instruction, and opportunities to play or sing in our annual holiday program, spring concert, and talent show.

Every Tuesday evening, students who play stringed instruments are encouraged to participate in “Strings Club”.  These meetings can be anything from jam sessions to opportunities to learn how to play new songs or chords.  These sessions are designed to encourage students to explore their musical creativity in a safe and non-judgmental environment.