Microsoft Tutorials

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Introduction to Excel with a Screen Reader

This is an 8-part video series that introduces the viewer to using Microsoft Excel with a screen reader.  Topics covered include navigating cells and entering text, managing data, inserting/deleting rows and columns, formulas, using a check register template, and more.

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Using Outlook with a Screen Reader

This video tutorial covers the basics of using Microsoft Outlook with a screen reader. Topics covered include using the address book, creating a message, deleting a message, replying to a message, and forwarding a message.

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Creating and Opening Microsoft Word Files with a Screen Reader

This tutorial covers how to create new and open existing documents with a screen reader.  Microsoft Word 2010 with NVDA on Windows 7 were used to produce this video.

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How to Run Spell Check With a Screen Reader

This tutorial covers how to run spell check with a screen reader.  Microsoft Word was used with JAWS to produce this video.