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Short Courses

In order to promote, facilitate, and provide appropriate educational opportunities for all Wisconsin children who are blind or visually impaired, regardless of their educational placement, Outreach staff offer courses of variable length designed and tailored to a child’s specific expanded core curriculum needs.

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Virtual Pre-EmployAbility Skills Program

A one week online program focusing on pre-employment strategies relating to work. There will be no work component to this program. The entire program will be online, either via recorded modules and virtual connections with no in person instruction.

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Apostle Islands School Field Trip

The Outdoor Education Program at Northland College invites students who are blind or visually impaired and in grades 5-8 to participate in Apostle Island School. Apostle Island School is an environmental education program aimed at providing youth with an outdoor experience to increase students’ awareness of both the regional history and the wide array of local resources of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore and Lake Superior. Our students join a local school to create a larger group of middle school students. This is a great experience for meeting peers!

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Giving of Yourself Service Project

This program is a fun and engaging weekend where students will meet new friends, make blankets for residents of a nursing home or homeless shelter, thank you bags for firefighters, dog treats and dog and cat toys for a Humane Society, and bookmarks for their local libraries, all while enjoying fall recreation.

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Wisconsin Regional Braille Challenge

Hosted by WCBVI Outreach, Wisconsin’s Regional Braille Challenge is a preliminary contest round and part of the National Braille Challenge sponsored by the Braille Institute of America in Los Angeles, CA.

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