Short Course Menu Items

Taking Care of Me

(These work best in small groups of the same gender)

Students will participate in:

  • Mindfulness activities
  • Physical fitness activities
  • Social games and activities
  • Preparing healthy meals


Students will:

  • Become familiarized in goalball gear
  • Become familiarized in goalball rules
  • Learn skills needed to play goalball
  • Participate in at least one goal ball game

Short Course Cook Off!

Students will:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of a balanced meal
  • Have the opportunity to practice two or more of the following kitchen skills:
    • Cutting
    • Use oven mitts while taking an item out of the oven
    • Stirring
    • Measuring
    • Boiling water
  • Receive instructions on stove/oven basics
  • Receive instruction on washing and drying dishes

Move it!

Students will:

  • Participate in at least two, indoor physical activities
  • Participate in at least two, outdoor physical activities
  • Be able to demonstrate at least one physical fitness activity to their parent or guardian upon their return
  • Participate in preparing at least one healthy snack

Winter Weekend

Students will:

  • Participate in at least two, outdoor activities
  • Discuss the importance winter safety and appropriate winter clothing
  • Engage in at least two social skills activities
  • Assist in preparing at least one meal for the group

High School Independence Weekend

Student will:

  • Problem solve transportation solutions
  • Work in a small group to complete daily living tasks