Microsoft Accessibility Continues to Improve

    By Amy Snow

    Microsoft has been steadily improving their commitment to accessibility in the past few years.  For example, Microsoft’s Accessibility Team has made major upgrades to low vision support in recent Windows 10 updates.  Additionally, Microsoft Narrator has also received significant upgrades to make it more functional for individuals relying on screen readers. 

    The link below is a guide to the most current version of Narrator and contains links to downloadable user guides in PDF, Word, and EBAE Contracted Braille.  Beneath the links to various sections of the user guide there is a rather lengthy section describing what is new in the latest version of Narrator. 

    Complete Guide to Narrator

    The following website contains information on all Microsoft products, how to utilize them with screen readers, and a list of keyboard shortcuts for each.

    Use a Screen Reader and Keyboard Shortcuts with Microsoft Apps

    Microsoft has also created a learning module to address accessibility fundamentals, including but not limited to those related to blindness and low vision.

    Microsoft Accessibility Fundamentals Learning Module

    In general, Microsoft has made a significant shift in their approach to accessibility and their efforts to offer integrated accessibility solutions is praiseworthy.  It is hoped that this trend continues so that individuals of all abilities can more easily access Microsoft products.