Fifteen Fun, Useful, and Accessible Apps

    Did you know that there are literally thousands of apps added to the App Store every day?  That means there are countless opportunities to download and try a variety of new apps and find new favorites.  However, a large percentage of apps added to the App Store do not work for blind and visually impaired individuals who depend on VoiceOver. There are sources to check for new and VoiceOver friendly apps, but like anything else, word of mouth is probably the most efficient way to find out about useful and interesting new apps. 

    Below is a list of apps you may not have heard of that work well with VoiceOver.  They are all mainstream apps that are not designed for the blind and visually impaired. There is a mix of free and paid apps, though some of the free apps offer optional in-app purchases to add more features. 

    FlyLadyPlus (free) – This home organization and cleaning app breaks the home down into “zones” and focuses on one zone per week.  There are various tips and tricks for organization and de-cluttering. 

    Roostermoney (free) – Great for the parent who wants to implement a sticker or reward system for their child.  It can also be used as a chore tracker or allowance manager to help the child learn to save money for future purchases.

    Recup ($1.99) – This simple recording app has a very basic interface and is easy to use. 

    Pocket Recorder ($5.99) – Pocket Recorder is a more robust recorder with the ability to adjust playback speed.  The buttons are also quite large for those who have residual vision. 

    Anchor (free) – This podcast app allows you to create your own podcast from within the app. 

    Downcast ($2.99) – If you are looking for an alternative to the stock Podcast player, this app may be for you. 

    ooTunes Radio ($5.99) – This online radio station app allows users to record content.

    Google Due (free) – This simple video calling app works across devices and permits video chats with up to 12 people.

    ScriptTalk Mobile (free) – Many individuals know about the ScriptAbiity program designed to make prescription labels accessible.  What they may not know is that there is an app to access these labels

    Medisafe (free) – This app reminds you to take your medications and will check for drug interactions. 

    Calm (free) – This app offers sleep sounds, sleep stories, and calming sounds to assist you in meditation or sleep.

    Sleep Recorder (free) – Also seen as “Prime Sleep Recorder”, this app will record sounds you make in your sleep.  Settings can be adjusted to account for background noise.

    TikTok (free) – You may have heard of TikTok, the social media app, but you may not realize it is accessible with VoiceOver. 

    Calendarium ($0.99) – This app displays various historical events that happened on a given day as well as moon phase, day length, etc.

    LastPass (free) – This password manager is completely accessible and will store and autofill your passwords.