Welcome Fall

Photo of students walking in a field

by Ms. Suzette Peterson

Fall celebrations have begun and Miss Peterson’s class went to Reilly’s farm on Wednesday, October 14. It was a super fun day for the students. Some of the exciting activities were eating lunch in the barn and climbing the hay bales. They went on an old fashioned hayride and discovered what it’s like to walk in a prairie (some were lost). The giggles and laughter of the day filled the air. They selected their own pumpkins and washed them off. The big surprise was Miss Chelsea (School Counselor) and her dad (Farmer Dan) singing some wonderful songs. It was a great day on the farm!

Some of the classroom projects we have been doing is making sauerkraut (the old fashioned way). The room was filled with the smell of cabbage and vinegar. It has been exciting watching the sauerkraut ferment and learning about the history of sauerkraut. We also did a pumpkin roll down the hill to see what pumpkin would go the furthest. The winner was Alex’s pumpkin. Next week we will be making applesauce and learning about the different varieties of apples.