Braille Olympics/Braille Challenge Are Coming

Braille Olympics

by Mr. Dave Hyde

It’s hard to believe in November that some of us are already planning for February. Yet, to make the Braille Challenge and Braille Olympics as exciting as they have been the last few years, we have to start now. These are scheduled for February 18-19, 2016, with a snow date of March 3-4.

For those taking part in the Braille Challenge, there will be a couple of changes. First, we need your registration early! Because of the number of students taking part around the country, producing all the contests has become a major undertaking for the Braille Institute of America which runs the Braille Challenge. This means that we need your registration before the Holidays! This will give plenty of time for things like the background checks, (which are required) and the ordering of the contests. For more information, please check our website at

Contests for the Apprentices (first and second grade students) will now be in Unified English Braille (UEB.) Students can take it in grade one (uncontracted) or grade two (contracted) braille. The Freshman (third and fourth grade) may take the contest in either UEB or English Braille American Edition (EBAE), the braille we used before UEB. All the rest will take the contest in EBAE.

Of course, the Braille Olympics will be fun and educational. Our staff is working hard to design games and activities for all students at all levels. There is always something new and this author has no idea what our creative staff will come up with to challenge and delight students.

Finally, there will be workshops and programs for parents and educators. At least one will be on tactile graphics, which has become a big part of our educational programs in math and science.

If you need further information on the challenge, or have questions, please call or email me at 608-758-6152 or
See all of you in February.