Programs and Services

The Statewide Outreach Services Team provides evaluations, consultations, and material supports to students with visual disabilities on a statewide basis, regardless of their educational placement. Evaluation and consultation services are provided at no cost to the local school district. When possible, materials are loaned to students. Every effort is made to ensure the lowest cost for resources that must be purchased. A production department and a Library Services Assistant Senior facilitate the provision of textbooks and equipment loans. Each year, the Materials and Production Services Team enlarges hundreds of books in addition to coordinating the production of Braille books.

Most of the evaluations and consultations offered by the Outreach Team are conducted by its staff alone, but other WCBVI staff members are called upon as needed. Although Outreach professionals often travel to a student's home and/or school, services may be provided on site. The Outreach Team includes consultants and/or specialists in the areas of assistive technology, birth-to-six, low vision, orientation and mobility, parent support, professional development, school-age children, students who are deaf/blind, students with multiple disabilities, and transition.

The Outreach Team conducts many statewide programs including Early Childhood Transition Clinic, 5-10 Low Vision Clinics annually, Statewide Track Meet, Braille Olympics, Music Festival, and Residential Summer Programs. Consultants provide in-services upon request.