Photo of Dawn Weaver and Sam Richardson

“I would definitely encourage other teachers to be coaches! I tend to doubt myself and being a coach has reinforced my confidence in my own teaching!”
 - Dawn Weaver (left), Teacher of the Visually Impaired in Onalaska

“Having a coach has been a very positive experience! Having someone there who knows your job and you can ask questions of has made my life easier.”
 - Samantha Richardson (right), Teacher of the Visually Impaired, Sparta

Welcome Coaches and Aspiring Coaches!

We’re so glad you’re here!

As you know, vision professionals are often working in isolation. For new teachers, this makes it more difficult to collaborate and learn from experienced colleagues. Coaches provide a supportive, educational relationship with a new teacher of the visually impaired or orientation and mobility specialist. 

Benefits for Coaches:

  • Positive contribution to the field, ensuring the continued quality of vision professionals
  • Opportunity for expanding own learning through collaboration with WCBVI coordinators, other coaches and protégé(s)
  • Sense of satisfaction and growth
  • Opportunity for professional development that can be an important part of a coach’s professional renewal process including A.C.V.R.E.P

Application Packet